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  1. Thank so much for the blog and all the tips. I am new to all of this and your tips are just what I was looking for! Also, random question for you.. At the top of your blog and on your website you show a photo of a castle. That castle isn’t Eilean Donan is it? Eilean Donan is my families castle my dad being a Macrae and my mum being a Mackenzie and I was just curious. It not sorry, it definitely holds a resemblance. Whatever castle it is, it is very beautiful.


    1. I’m so very glad you liked it, Megan, thanks for saying so. And yes, you are spot on, that is Eilean Donan. It’s such an iconic image, isn’t it? That’s amazing that you’re able to trace your ancestry back to a specific and well-loved place. It’s one of the things I love best about history – it’s still alive in us 🙂



  2. Hi Veronica. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog today and am now following you. Congratulations on your book. I am new to the world of self publishing even though I’ve taken a slightly different path by publishing a multitouch iBook now available at the iBooks store. I think multitouch iBooks are an interesting topic for discussion as they are still relatively new and their storytelling potential hasn’t been fully explored yet. You can check out the book trailer for The Sword of Air at Sword of Air Book Trailer – YouTube
    Video for youtube sword of air► 1:54► 1:54
    i hope you will drop by my site soon. Take care. Rae.


    1. Thank you, RJ. I’ll definitely stop by your blog! Thanks for commenting, and best of luck to you with your self-publishing efforts. Always great to see indies making a go of it!


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