Guest Blog: Reinventing the Cliché Write What You Know

Romance UniversityHi Everyone,

I’m blogging at Romance Unversity today. Come check out my guest post, Reinventing the Cliche Write What You Know.

I’m super excited about this post. In it, I ask the question, what does “write what you know” really mean, and suggest an alternative application of this tired, oft-repeated piece of advice.

I’d love to get your thoughts, so hop over to Romance University and let us know what you think!

Cheers for now,

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  1. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    Write What You Know? Veronica Bale “reinvents this cliche” in her interesting post…take a look if you’re a serious writer/reader and leave comments – I’ d LOVE to know your thoughts…


  2. I will Mira thank you … all your re-bloggings of other posts are fabulous but time sometimes inhibits me from reading your re-posts and commenting! I always ‘star’ them. Yours I read straight away!


  3. Write what you know – means to write what you’ve experienced and understand. But there’s a catch. Tolstoy wrote with experience and understanding about childbirth. He had great empathy. We see by empathy and contrast. One can know anything, it is possible; and that is an inside job. In a class I took with a great artist, Minoru Kawabata, a student came to complaining loudly that her painting hadn’t improved though she’d had 8 lessons. He pointed back to himself (being too polite to point directly at her) and said a few times, “It’s in here, here.” Concluding: one has a head start writing about what one knows, but writing without growing is wasted.


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