The Indie Author Feature Presents: Franny Armstrong

ctrlogo14IAF - Franny Armstrong (Cover)Welcome to Coffee Time Romance and More‘s very first Indie Author Feature. This month, we’re showcasing Franny Armstrong’s latest novel, Amazon Intrigue.

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She’s anything but a klutz…

While on a covert mission in the Amazon, agent Rune Greyson pretends to be the ultimate klutz to keep a drug lord away from her while she gathers information about his crimes. She’s positive that no one else can walk in her shoes. Rune has a special gift. She can manipulate electricity, lighting up her ‘boss’s’ life with danger. She is focused on her job, little expecting to meet the man of her dreams.

He’s a magnet for danger…

Exhausted and burnt out, undercover agent Zander Morgan heads to the Amazon to find his contact, the person wearing a frog broach. When he meets Rune, he’s stunned by her antics, even more so by the fact that she wears the broach. He can’t believe that someone so beautiful cold be such a disaster, but she soon shows him her other side, a deadly agent who is in reality, all business. Little does he know that love is around the corner.

Greedy and deadly, he wants Rune for his own…

Lorenzo Dallas is a lethal drug lord who is drawn to Rune’s sexy body, but keeps his distance for fear of ending up like the guards who’ve fallen under her charms. Accident prone, she manages to wreak havoc in his compound.

Together, Rune and Zander must stop, not only the lethal drugs that are smuggled to Canada, but a power hungry politician linked to Lorenzo, who plans on killing the Prime Minister of Canada! Linked together in more ways than one, they know that love is to die for…

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IAF - Franny Armstrong (HS)A Note from the Author:

Have you ever been addicted to chocolate? That’s what writing is to me. I’m addicted to it. When I get a taste of it, my imagination takes off, and I immerse myself in the world of fantasy.

I’ve written stories since I was a child. I once wrote a play and performed it for the neighborhood kids, charging them a nickel each. It was a ton of fun and shaped my imagination for the future as a professional author.

When a story captures my mind, I fall into the story, ‘winging’ it as I write. Though I do write out a plotline, it seems that I never can stick to it. The characters rule the day. Don’t tell anyone about the voices I hear in my head as I place them on computer in so many words.

If you want to be a writer, I suggest that all you have to do is start writing down what your characters look like, what their jobs are, where they live, and so on. You’ll surprise yourself when you find your tale emerging quickly.

Writing is a wonderful experience. I plan on doing it for the rest of my life.

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  1. Sounds like a very kewl book. Love intrigue and extranormal powers! With both you can’t lose. Also love the whole idea of indie publishing which I see as the wave of the future!! “AZGaye”


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