The Indie Author Feature Presents: Lorraine Pearl

ctrlogo14NS 4 copyWelcome to the Indie Author Feature with Coffee Time Romance and More. This month, we’re showcasing Lorraine Pearl’s latest novel, Night Therapy.

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Vampire Johnathan McCombs has spent the last century isolating from humanity whenever possible, trying to come to terms with a past that haunts him. When he finally realizes he needs help dealing with his issues, he seeks out a mortal psychologist, hoping her ethical boundaries of confidentiality will allow him to reveal his secrets. He tries to ignore his growing attraction for his therapist, but when circumstances throw them together outside the professional setting of her office, will he be able to contain his passion?

Psychologist Stephanie Taylor connects with her clients because personal experience has made her understand what heartache and trauma do to a person. But when her hot new client drops the bomb on her that he is a vampire, she has no idea what to do or how to react. Now she must look at her life in a whole new light. She has inadvertently put her life in danger and become part of a dark world she thought was only pretend.

In one night, everything changes. Old rivals pull Stephanie into their fight, and Johnathan must make a life or death decision. But can Stephanie forgive him for the irreversible choice he makes with her life? Can the couple find peace with their individual problems to have a chance at a lasting relationship? And how will the brewing war between vampires and Hunters affect them?

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A note from the author:

e322a046147d3c0ba34f66c1502f2d01I write erotic paranormal romance under the name Lorraine Pearl. My main interest is in writing vampire stories, but I have recently branched out into other paranormal creatures including angels and demons.

I fell in love with vampires after seeing the movie, Interview with the Vampire, and, of course, I immediately ran out to buy the first three books in Anne Rice’s series. And I’m so excited that she finally wrote a new Lestat book.

Although I love Lestat, my favorite vampire is Mick St. John, from the too-short-lived TV show, Moonlight. Well, he is my favorite on-screen vamp. My vamps are obviously my absolute favorites, but don’t ask me to pick which one I love best. There’s no way to choose.

Last year I discovered The Vampire Diaries TV show—yes, I’m a little behind the times—and now I have another favorite vampire, Damon Salvatore. It should be illegal for anyone to be that sexy.

As much as I love reading and watching other people’s vamp stories, it is amazing to have my own characters come to life in my mind and then on the page. I’m so grateful for being inspired by Moonlight and The Vampire Chronicles to write my own vamp stories—and more. Hopefully some of my characters will become someone else’s favorites, too.

Ride a vampire!

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Tweet: #Authors pls RT: Lorraine Pearl is on the #CTRIAF today. RT for a chance to win her #ebook! #Contest #SelfPub

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  1. Thank you Veronica and Coffee Time Romance for hosting this feature on me and my novel, Night Therapy, and for doing this giveaway. I’m so happy to be part of the Coffee Time family. 😀


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