The Indie Author Feature Presents: S. Carmen Knight #CTRIAF

unnamed (1)Welcome to the Indie Author Feature with Coffee Time Romance and More. This week, we’re showcasing S. Carmen Knight. Today, Ms. Knight shares insight into her novel, No Ordinary Man.

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No Ordinary Man

Hannah Swift is in big trouble. The Egyptian antiquity entrusted to her care is gone. Now she must tell her employer, Jesher Kenyon, that his priceless family treasure has been replaced with a copy. And when she does, she becomes Jesher’s number one suspect.

Jesher Kenyon, a dealer in fine art and antiquities, has long denied his feelings for Hannah. Now he seizes on the opportunity provided by the missing artifact to keep Hannah close by his side. Together they follow the trail of the stolen Egyptian statue until they uncover the truth.

But happy endings prove elusive. Just when the mystery seems solved, one final twist leaves Jesher in trouble and Hannah the only one who can help him.

A note from the author

unnamedI have long been attracted to romance novels, primarily for their woman-centered stories. Romances are easy-reading books, designed to leave the reader satisfied.  And this, as well, is part of my attraction to the genre.

In my novels the heroines are contemporary women, strong and independent. They seem well able to hold their own against almost anything life brings. And yet their quirks and vulnerabilities make them easy to relate to. While the hero completes the heroine, he is not the sole driving force for her happiness.

Writing romances gives me the opportunity to create stories where the man and woman always get their relationship right in the end, and where the reader can celebrate the power of love. These life-affirming stories can be told in many forms because no two couples are the same, and because how these couples interact, support and sustain each other seems to vary endlessly.

I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them.

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