The Indie Author Feature Presents: Dena Garson #CTRIAF

RiskyBusinessEbookFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Welcome to the Indie Author Feature with Coffee Time Romance and More. This week, we’re showcasing Dena Garson. Today, Ms. Garson shares insight into her novel, Risky Business.

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Risky Business

Mia Sanford has admired Jake Hudson from afar ever since she transferred to Marketing. She might be comfortable tangling with the company playboy in meeting rooms but not in private. Facts and figures she can handle, but that blue-eyed devil is out of her league.

Jake was impressed with Mia, the sexy analyst who provides his monthly Marketing data, the first day he met her. Not only is she smart and reliable, she has legs that have inspired a few sizzling hot workplace fantasies. However, her girl-next-door demeanor and the company’s no fraternization rules force Jake to keep things strictly professional.

When Mia becomes the target of an embarrassing betting pool at the annual office party, Jake alerts her to the danger. But since he never expressed an interest in her until now Mia isn’t certain if he’s really looking out for her, or just trying to win the pool himself. If she trusts him, it might place both her reputation and her heart on the line.

A note from the author

DG-RomCon1_6-2014Hi, everyone!

I’ve been writing for about eight or nine years. Romance is my genre – I read it and write it. It’s hard to pin down a favorite because I the books I choose vary with my mood.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen stories in my head. I just never knew what to do with them until I was older. About a year after my second son was born I decided to take a writing workshop. When I researched classes to take I found a local romance writers group. I found the courage to join and soon learned it was one of the best things I ever did for myself! I met several wonderful people in that group – one of which became my writing mentor. She guided me through the hurdles of formatting a manuscript, researching publishers, and developing my voice.

Bringing her a copy of my published books made the accomplishment even more special. Unfortunately, she passed away last year, but I know she’s keeping tabs on me and my books. Every time I begin to doubt myself, I hear her voice telling me I’m a good little writer.

Feel free to drop me a note at – I love hearing from readers!

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