The Indie Author Feature Presents: Pamela DuMond #Giveaway

PTP-FINAL-ebooklgCONTEST ALERT: Comment on our post, like, or share anywhere on social media and you could have a chance to win one of 3 copies of Part Time Princess OR a $10 Amazon gift card! Don’t forget to use our contest hashtag #CTRIAF

Hold tight to your tiara, grab your scepter and be prepared for the New Adult hilarious, modern-day romantic comedy ride of your life! Rated PG13 and mildly R for: romance, sexual innuendo, hot guys who are princes, flirting,  the occasional naughty word, comedy, sexiness, and – a happily-ever-after ending (just not the way you expected it!) Today on the Indie Author Feature with Coffee Time Romance and More, I’m pleased to welcome Pamela DuMond, author of Part Time Princess.

A Note From the Author

haircutHi Coffee Time Romance Readers,

I’m tickled that my books will be available on such a fun site.

Why I write?

When I was a kid I stuttered badly, was bullied and I turned to books as my refuge. My mom would take me to the library once a week where I’d return the seven books I just read and take out seven more. Rampant reading led to writing.

I wrote self-help books, edited other authors’ books, and wrote screenplays. I discovered the real Erin Brockovich story, and pitched it to ‘Hollywood’, where it became the smash hit movie. One day it dawned on me to circle back to my roots and write novels; the kind of books that inspired me as a kid.

I write stories with humor, sweet romance, YA, and mysteries. If a book is part of a series I’ll throw in the occasional cliff-hanger, but for the most part, my books have HEA endings.

My YA book The Messenger (Mortal Beloved Time Travel Romance, #1) is optioned for Film/TV, which is very exciting. I just released The Assassin (#2) in the series and I’m working on The Seeker (#3).

I hope you’ll check out my books and enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them.

I’d love to connect with you on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest!

Pamela DuMond

PTP-FINAL-ebooklgPart Time Princess

Two Princes are in love with Lucy. Too bad she’s an imposter… 

Lucy Trabbicio’s a down-on-her-luck, young, cocktail waitress desperate to find a job to keep her uncle at Assisted Living. Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to impersonate her to keep the attention of Crown Prince Cristoph of Fredonia while she completes her pressing personal business in the States. 

In the mother of all makeovers, Elizabeth’s people transform Lucy into a reluctant ‘Lady’ and she travels to Fredonia for ten days ‘tops.’ What could possibly go wrong? 

Sexy, bad-boy Nick—Fredonia’s other Prince—that’s what goes wrong! 

Nick has romantic history with Elizabeth and he wants to pick up the between-the-sheets action with her impersonator—Lucy. Even though Lucy’s wildly attracted to him, she has to resist—she can’t lose this job! Dreamy Nick’s courting Lucy hot and heavy when Prince Cristoph proposes marriage. What’s an imposter girl to do? 

Elizabeth insists that she’ll make it back home in time for the wedding. Lucy accepts Cristoph’s proposal and is on the fast track to becoming a Princess when another glitch arises—someone’s trying to kill her! Besides Nick, the only folks helping Lucy are her wild, party hard, take-no-prisoners Ladies-in-Waiting. 

A modern day, sexy tale with romance, twists and turns, LOL moments, a few tears and a Happily-Ever-After Ending (Just not the way you expected it!)

Find Pamela DuMond on the Web:


DON’T FORGET: To win one of 3 copies of Part Time Princess, or a $10 Amazon gift card, comment on our post, like, or share it on social media! Don’t forget to use our contest hashtag #CTRIAF

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