New Release: Autumn in Arborwood

I am thrilled to announce that my first contemporary romance novel, Autumn in Arborwood, is officially available. The long, long months I’ve spent bringing to life the worlds of my main characters, Jake Hanley and Ryan Mitchell, have come to an end. Will she open Jake’s eyes to a world where community and family are the same thing? Will he open his hardened heart to Ryan and her world? I now definitely have their happily-ever-after concluded for readers who want to share in their journey.

It’s always bittersweet, concluding a novel and holding it out to the world to love or not as it will. But Autumn in Arborwood is different than my last several novels – not only because I’ve taken a detour from my normal genre, but because Autumn in Arborwood is the first novel in the Hanley series. I’ve already started Book 2: Beneath the Surface, which visits different characters and brings their world to life, too. I’m excited to find out what the story of Jake’s sister Caroline, and Arborwood Inn head chef Eric will be. Even though I’m the writer and I have a vague sense of where the plot is going… I never really know. That’s the fun of being a writer!

And so, without further ado, I eagerly and humbly and nervously and all the other feelings-ly present the story of hometown girl Ryan Mitchell, and Manhattan Society Elite and CEO Jake Hanley. May their journey and their HEA warm the hearts of readers (fingers crossed!)


There is absolutely nowhere on earth that Ryan Mitchell would rather be than at home, in the picturesque town of Arborwood. As General Manager of a boutique resort called the Arborwood Inn, located in the renowned lake district of Muskoka, Ontario, her career in the hospitality industry has reached its pinnacle… that is until Poke Bosworth, the Arborwood’s beloved owner, passes away. Poke has left the resort to his nephew Jake Hanley, CEO of the Manhattan-based Hanley Acquisitions and Investments. As a hardened businessman, Jake plans to treat his newly-inherited property like one of his corporate conquests – cutting “waste” and maximizing profits with a goal of selling it to the highest bidder and moving on.

It will be up to Ryan to convince Jake that the Arborwood Inn’s worth far exceeds its financial value. But in so doing, she may just unlock his iron-clad heart, and give him what he’s wanted all his life without even realizing it: community, family, belonging… and love.

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