Coming Soon: Shadow

I am finally, FINALLY moving on my latest WIP. The end is in sight... I hope. For now, I am happy to share with you all the masterpiece that my favourite cover artist, Viola Estrella of Estrella Cover Art, created just for me. Her talent and intuition never cease to amaze me. She sends me... Continue Reading →

My Little Fixer Upper

I have bought a house. Such a small paragraph for such a profound, life-altering responsibility, isn’t it? Home ownership takes many forms and has many motivators. For me, it’s all about the fixer upper. Here is where my head was at when I started this process. I was going to find a place that needed... Continue Reading →

Who Needs Routine Anyway?

ROUTINE. That was going to be my goal for 2018. It was going to be my mantra. My raison d’etre. 2018 was going to be a year of order and structure, of productivity and of set times for set activities. After a year of upheaval and personal trauma in which I couldn’t seem to get... Continue Reading →

When You Lose Your Muse…

“I’ve lost my muse.” So laments The Bard himself, as portrayed by Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love. It was one of my favourite movies through my teen years, and my VHS copy was well worn… yes, I realize I’m dating myself with that admission. The loss of Shakespeare’s muse, the Elizabethan “cure” of writing... Continue Reading →

Real Life Heroes

I've got a post today that has nothing to do with my writing or my books ... or anybody's writing or books for that matter. I tried, at first, to tie it all together, but about half way through it felt forced, contrived. So I'm just going to go for it and tell it like... Continue Reading →

The Purity of Our Childhood Crushes

Do you remember your first childhood love? That tongue-tied, red-faced, all-consuming crush where you don't know if you're coming or going, but it's the centre of your universe and you wouldn't change it for anything? I do. I was nine. Twenty-odd years later, my first crush still haunts my subconscious. Literally. In my last post,... Continue Reading →

The Stories that Haunt Us

This weekend I was all set to write a book review for my next blog post. I had one drafted, I’d given it a lot of thought, and then on Saturday night I found myself with a rare stretch of time and no pressing tasks or engagements. Now what, one might wonder, does Veronica do... Continue Reading →

Revamping My Blog

If you read one of my more recent posts, When It’s Time to Make those Tough Decisions, you may recall that I have recently taken a hard look at what I’ve been spending my writing time doing, and had concluded that I need to cut a whole bunch of starchy, superfluous “stuff” from my plate.... Continue Reading →

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