More Book Reviews from Coffee Time Romance

All right, all right! New year, new book reviews penned by yours truly up on Coffee Time Romance and More 🙂 Here are my latest four reviews to be posted.

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Better than Chocolate – J. Lynn Rowan

My Rating: 5 Cups

I love a good “falling in love” story, and this was one of those. I finished the whole thing in two days flat! I adored how in love Ryan was with Carmella, and how he never seemed to be able to say exactly how he felt. The three-way, long-term friendship between Carmella, Sadie and Ryan certainly put a satisfying and believable spin on why no one could admit their feelings. Also, I appreciated that no one in this story was a true villain. The characters were all likeable in their own way – even Josh, Nelson’s womanizing brother who actually has a heart underneath all that smooth-talking slickness. A great cast of characters all round, and a great story.

Read the full review here

More than One Night – Nicole Leiren

My Rating: 4 Cups

This was a cute story. I liked main characters Daniel and Melody from the start. Their emotional scars added a deeper, more meaningful twist to the classic boy-meets-girl love story. I also liked the inclusion of Annie, Daniel’s daughter, and of Daniel’s problems with his ex wife. With an interesting turn to the resolution of Melodie’s problems with her mother and sister added into the mix, this was a fun, satisfying contemporary romance.

Read the full review here

Landlocked – Marilyn Baron

My Rating: 4 Cups

Landlocked is a well-researched, well written story. The author knew what she was talking about with regards to property laws in the United States, and worked them into the story so that they were clearly explained, but not in so much detail that it slowed down the pace. I really liked Alec; I liked his grace and loyalty to his family. And I came around to Amelia, too, even though she and I got off to a rough start. The only thing I wish is that the plot, which was very involved, were a little more fleshed out. Overall, though, a solid and fun book. Well worth the read!

Read the full review here

Kidnapped: The Search for Casey – Lorraine Nelson

My Rating: 2 Cups

With such an intriguing premise, I was a bit disappointed at how this book unfolded. I felt that more character development needed to be worked into the story. For example, the way the characters handled Casey’s disappearance was not at all what I would have expected from a distraught family in crisis. The sudden switch in setting from Thunder Creek to Afghanistan gave me a bit of whiplash, and at times, I found certain cultural references to be a bit politically insensitive. At the end of it all, I was hoping for more from the resolution. Instead, it was wrapped up a bit too conveniently for my liking. Unfortunately, in its current iteration, I was left wanting more out of the story. With a bit more development, however, this book could really have been great; the author shows immense promise as a storyteller.

Read the full review here

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