Coming Soon: Shadow

I am finally, FINALLY moving on my latest WIP. The end is in sight… I hope.

For now, I am happy to share with you all the masterpiece that my favourite cover artist, Viola Estrella of Estrella Cover Art, created just for me. Her talent and intuition never cease to amaze me. She sends me over the file and says, “Is this okay?”

I mean, seriously… as if I have ever had any response other than: “OMG, you’re brilliant! Don’t change a thing!”

So, without further ado… Shadow, meet world. World, meet Shadow!



Halloran Farm—a lonely plot of land and an abandoned Victorian farmhouse. Nearly a century ago it was the site of a gruesome murder which, to this day, resonates within its decaying walls.


Tilly Bright is a girl with an extraordinary gift, one which she never wanted and which she has spent a lifetime trying to suppress. At twelve years old Tilly vowed she would never again set foot in her grandmother’s farmhouse. Never again would she allow her sensitive mind to be attacked and manipulated by the vengeful, hate-filled spirit that inhabits it. He is called The Shadow. Nothing remains of his humanity except for the rage that consumes him over his long-ago death.


Upon her grandmother’s passing, however, Tilly has no choice—she must go back. Halloran Farm is now hers, as is a significant inheritance which is meant to help her restore the crumbling Victorian to its former beauty. It is what Gram wanted. And Tilly is no longer a frightened child unable to cope with a gift she does not understand. To fulfill Gram’s wishes, she will have to find within herself the strength to confront The Shadow. When she does, she will have to reconsider everything she thought she knew about her gift, about the dead, and about The Shadow himself.


Even the most hateful spirits deserve compassion. For through it, they may find their way to redemption.

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    1. Really? Aww, thank you! And I am SO SO SO SO sorry for my totally, inexcusably delayed response. I just noticed the comment pending approval hiding in the back end of my blog. Hugs, V.


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